It’s no secret that you have to do what you love in order to love what you do. Sadly, some most times it’s not always as easy as it sounds. If it were a lot more of us would be as happy and fulfilled as we dream of being, right? Some of you may know that I’m an Esthetician; a stubborn and very passionate esthetician. I take skin and the care of it so seriously that the thought of not doing things my way (and only my way) nearly brings me to tears. So, where does this immense passion for skincare and refusal to be boxed in leave this girl? Unemployed and unfulfilled. Eh, the unemployed part isn’t nearly as much of a bother as the unfulfilled. I’ll be jobless for many years to come if the latter is me working an hourly making someone else rich. But how does one who is unfulfilled suddenly become ‘filled???

I now have a headache. More on this later

jacket – eBay
t shirt – H&M (main)
top (dress) – ASOS (main)
skirt – ASOS
tights – Avenue
glasses – ASOS
booties – Jeffrey Campbell