July 19th, 2014

How Will I Know?

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Is it not clear that I’m obsessed with these pants? By now it certainly should be. This is what I wore for endless errands and a movie date with my sister. Comfortable, super easy and mismatched – totally Brittney.

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July 9th, 2014

Why Am I the Only One Laughing?

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Here it is guys, another installment of my in-betweens series. These are the photos that obviously never make it to the blog because they’re usually utterly ridiculous. Most times I’m frowning at people, dancing or just looking plain creepy. Delve into my weirdness and check out the first installment, here, while you’re at it.

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July 3rd, 2014

Because the water will only rise

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If you haven’t noticed, by now I’m pretty obsessed with this diaphanous cover-up from H&M. It’s made for the beach but I literally wear it with everything. Lately I’ve been opting for comfort (and nakedness) and this bandeau from Forever 21 gives me just that. To dial down the dual prints I wore my simple ASOS cargo-ish pants and a minimal sandal from Dolce Vita.

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June 26th, 2014

Warms Winds

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I was going to name this post, How Not to Give A Fuck, but then I thought, no. As I come closer and closer to my final form of a carefree black girl, I realize how insignificant things that I really used to care about are now. I won’t go into detail because it’s really a bore but it brings me great joy to see my own personal growth. Many may think of ‘not giving a fuck’ as a poor excuse for an achievement but I don’t. Few have the balls to actually let go of all their fucks. (Note: fuck is one of my favorite words) Some spend so much time consumed by others and what they think that they forget to live their own lives and while that’s never been me, I did have my own demons to battle when it came to caring too much.

I’m that girl who believes that every one should be like me in some way or another. I believe, if I’m nice to you, you should be nice to me. If I let you borrow my dress when I want to borrow yours you should hand it over without an issue. But no, life doesn’t work that way and when it doesn’t I get pissed – well, I used to. I’ve since learned that all people don’t have the same heart as me and that doesn’t make them terrible people (even though I firmly believe most people are terrible). I used to spend so much time consumed by the whys and hows of others actions. Why would she do that and how could she not know that was wrong, were the type of questions I would kill myself trying to figure out and then I learned how drop all my fucks. I knew that eventually I would drive myself crazy by being so involved in the cogs of another persons mind so I simply let it go. I still have my moments but I’m a work in progress…

More on this later..

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June 17th, 2014

I’ll be the Bridge You Get Used To

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Lately I find myself bypassing my sequins, prints and body-con garments and going for the most simple pieces. I know, I know – I never thought I would see the day either. I didn’t realize this change was occurring until one day I noticed that I was more enthralled with classic basics instead of flashy occasion wear. Does this happen to everyone once they turn 25? Is this a thing? Am I ready to trade in bold for chic? Not quite. I’ll still clutch my Ankara prints and metallics while attempted to marry it with my new found love of, dare I say… simplicity.

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